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Can I receive english Sky HD TV  or Freesat in France?
Yes, you need to set up a dish and a sky digibox or a free-to-air decoder!
 several types of decoders are available: Sky HD, Free-to-air, Free-to-air HD and Free-to-air HD hard drive recorder. the last two can be mesured to receive other language groups of channels, for example UK & Italian, UK and german, French and UK HD channels on one single decoder and one remote! Other combinations on demand are available as well.
Do I need a UK address to receive Sky TV in Paris & France?
No, UK address is not obligatory to receive Sky Digital!
  But if you have one it's better! (and cheaper)!
For those of you who have it we arrange the subscription contract through your own UK address. (Direct debit in pounds sterling)  For other people without relatives or friends in the UK and not capable of providing it we will get you one . Call us or e-mail us for details.
Is Freesat HD available ?
YES!  Freesat decoders work fine in France. We provide both decoder & installation, full home installation so you just change channels. We assure Installation on multiple TVs in your home,  Come and see a demo. Important: While the size of the dish for Paris is very small ( 45 - 50 cm ) for the South of France the necessary dish size is quite important - 125 cm ) We have partner installers in most parts of France to assure professional installation.
How is it possible that you have such a good price on  Sky HD  boxes?
When you buy direct from the source prices are the lowest on the market. We offer a Sky HD  decoder NEW for EUR 289. We are aware that other companies in Paris will ask about 600 - 700 euros for the same unit. In addition to a great subscription service this makes our offer unbeatable. Come and collect. or book up an installation.
Are there any restrictions when setting up a satellite dish?
Most of the english language satellite channels are receivable in the Paris area on a small 45 cm dish ( 18 inches ) and do not require a special permission to install. The french Law on antennas from July 2nd, 1966 gives you the right to own and set up an antenna. If necessary we can prepare your demand and provide plans and papers to the management of the building where you live to help you obtain immediate approval for your instalation.  If you are living in an apartment building it is necessary to make a pre-visit to mesure the signal and find the best and most discrete location for the

 dish.( due to the allignment of their residencies some people will be deprived from satellite reception! ) If you are living in an individual  family house a pre-visit is not necessary. due to a new technology sometimes installations could be very neat and discrete and you can receive the satellite without a dish. See Hidden dishes.

I already have a Digibox and a dish. I just need a home installation. Can DD Electronics install my existing equipment?

Yes, we will install your equipment. If it is an individual home a pre-visit is not necessary. If you live in a Paris appartment building call 01 45 75 16 77 to take an appointment for a site-survey.

How big is the dish?
The size of the dish depends on the channels you want to watch. Some channels come with weaker signals than others. For example the dedicated Sky elliptical minidish for the English language channels ( Sky Digital OR Freesat ) should not exceed 45 cm ( 18 inches) in the Paris area. the FlatMagic hidden dish is only 21cm x 47 see more details here
Is it possible to watch UK TV via ADSL or IPTV?
You can watch UK TV through you  Orange, Freebox, SFR box, Bbox etc
see how here
The Manager of the building where I  live is asking me for a detailed plan of the installation.
We can provide you with all the necessary documents, plans, professional insurance etc...  necessary for your demand and will assist you during the process. We have nineteen years of experience in this matter. A visit is necessary (site-survey). Call as at  01 45 75 16 77 and take an appointment. Please note: visits are paid 37 euros but deducted later from your order.
Can I watch  the UK public channels (BBC1&2,  ITV,ch 4 & 5) without paying a Sky subscription.
Yes, for BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4 , ITV 1, ITV, 2, ITV 3 and ITV 4, Channel 4 & five and for another 110 channels you dont need a card to watch. Check channel list here.
Do I need a twin dish and dual wiring for Sky HD ?
Not obligatory, You will need two lines from the dish only if you wish to be able to watch one program whilst recording another. the Sky+ HD will work as a normal HDTV receiver if connected on a sigle line and of course you will be able to record one program at a time.
Can  I  receive Sky Digital without installing a dish?
Yes, read about the Flatmagic
Can DD Electronics change my current Sky subscription to a Sky Plus HD?
Yes, We can provide a Sky Plus HD decoder and update your subscription card.
Is the Sky HD decoder 3D compatible?
Yes, it is. Your TV screen must also be 3D capable. Sky has broadcasts in 3D.
US TV - ABC, CBS, FOX etc is it available in Paris?
New technology allows now to get real live US TV in France. contact us for details
Is the equipment  Dolby Digital compatible?
Yes, the Sky Plus HD decoder is Dolby Digital 5.1 compatible.  Special jacks at the rear panel are designed to allow easy connection to your Home Cinema station if available.(optical and SPDIF)
Is it possible to have Sky TV & Sky Sports via IPTV?
Yes, a subscription IPTV receiver allows you to receive some sky channels and sky sports via IPTV. Monthly subscription is required.
Can I watch satellite TV on all TV sets at home?
Yes, our digital satellite systems allow connection to more than one TV in the house. we have now solutions to extend the picture in HD to a second or third TV in your home.
What do I need to watch a diffrent channel in the other room?
You need a second satellite receiver - one per TV set and a special dish with multiple outputs.
Can I just buy the equipment for a D-I-Y installation?
Yes, Rendez-Vous at our Paris shop, see access map here.
HowIs it possible to receive Sky UK  and SkyGo on my Mac, PC or i-pad?
Yes of course it is possible, We can set your viewing account within 24 H and you can have Sky Tv & sky Sports on the Go even when you travel.
Can I have mixed decoder for both the UK  and French free TV?
You can have BOTH the UK and French free TV on the same decoder, same remote handset and with one single dish and one cable down to your living room.
I am a current subscriber to the french TV Cable. Can I keep it?
Yes, you can keep it. Satellite TV is additional to what you already have. You can easilly switch channels cable or satellite from the remote controller. If you choose the No dish IPTV BBC receiver you will need your Numericable router
to provide internet debit for the BBC signal.
Can I get satellite radio ?
Yes, our digital satellite receivers come preset for radio stations like BBC radio 1,2,3,4 a 5, BBC World service, Virgin radio, America One and many others..
Can I record one channel while watching another ?
Yes, but only if you go for the twin line dish. for Sky you must have a subscription to record. The free-to-air box will record from a touch of a button and will follow your favorite series.
Can DD Electronics  connect me to the french channels as well?
Yes, we can. if required we can connect you to 18 digital french TV channels which do not require monthly subscription payments!
My old Sky Digibox is now broken, Can DD Electronics transfer my Sky card on a New digibox ?
Yes, we can. Call us for details and prices or e-mail
I already have a Digibox. Can I only subscribe through DD Electronics and obtain the Sky Viewing card?
Yes, you can. Come to our Paris shop to sign up your subscription contract or e-mail us and we will do it remotely.


Can I receive american channels in Paris and France such as ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, etc ....

Yes, Finally these channels are now receivable in Europe. Contact us for details.

contact us here   Our technical support service is very responsive and will reply to you as soon as possible.
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