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JSTV japanese sat tv
JSTV is a japanese satellite TV service available in Paris and throughout Europe. You can get it on a minidish of  50 cm only which can be mounted on roof, balcony or wall. Where dishes are dificult to install there are other solutions such as the digiglobe. This is a discrete areal which is not a dish! You can see it here.

JSTV is a pay channel and requires a subscription. we will take care for your subscription and will give you a subscriptuion contract to sign. Visa / Mastercard accepted.
To receive the full documentation including prices of installation, list of channels receivable with the same decoder and dish, subscription options etc

(Note: Due to the alignment of their residences  there will be people who cannot receive JSTV . We recommend that all people who wish to view JSTV  should  first seek the advice of our satellite specialists before purchasing any equipment.) Upon your request one of our technicians will examine the conditions for reception at your home. If necessary we will also help you obtain installation permits.
To make an appointment for the technical survey call DD Electronics in Paris at 
01 45 75 16 77 or e-mail.

DD Electronics ,Paris

Dedicated  JSTV decoder, 296 euro.

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