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BBC TV on the satellite freesat card




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Here is another great way to enjoy UK TV at home without installing a dish!  If for some reason you can't or you don't want to install a satellite antenna and you travel frequently between UK and France, ( the EU ) then this unit will give you the legal way many UK TV channels including Sky. It is operated exactly as a standard HD receiver, has it's own remote controller and is quite easy to use. A minimum 3 Mb/sec internet conexion is required as this Broadband TV receiver is connected to the internet. Subscription starts From just £4.99 per month. Important: This receiver is autorised for use by british residents who travel to the EU for up to 30 days. After this period you will need to connect from home ( UK internet connexion ) to reset the counter for another 30 day term.
Get a documentation with prices, channel lists and other details.


This stylish receiver gives access to thousands of On Demand movies, as well as LIVE TV channels, such as the four Sky Sports premium channels. It is quite flexible on subscriptions and allows you to pay for just what you watch and when you need it. ( pay&watch as you go )
uk sky in  france

It is very important to mention that this internet box will  work in France and (anywhere in the world) as long as you have internnet.
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English language TV without a dish
A New technology allows now to have english TV at home without installing a dish. This is a box which will give you basic UK channels such as BBC1 & BBC2, ITV, CH4, Five, Cbebees, CBBC etc. (there is also a premium channel box, sky sports etc  see further down for details).
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