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  Sky Italia in Paris, France and Europe. Receive 200 italian digital satellite TV channels! Why miss out your favourite shows and programms? Watching Italian TV in Paris is now possible through DD Electronics' service.


You can receive now more than 140 italian TVchannels in Paris and Europe! All you need is a small 50 cm dish and decoder. Plenty of channels are comming for free but some of them are part of the Sky Italia package and require a subscription. If you have the Italian Sky decoder  we can install it for you no matter if it is a complicated Paris apartment building or a simple family house in the outskirts of the city. If you wish to subscribe we will guide you and help you through the process and will install the system in your home. If all you need is FREE italian TV channels with no monthly payments we have this as well !

Below is the list of the different subscription options and prices /  Sky Italia:


Click on the different groups to see the channels involved in the package:

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