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 Receive 380 British and US TV channels! Why miss out your favorite shows and programs?
There are two groups of channels:
The Pay channels (Sky Digital UK) and the ● Free-to-Air channels.
To understand better the difference and cost involved between a FREESAT system and the SKY DIGIBOX system and make the right choice simply ask for our documentation here: ( prices of equipment & installation, subscription options and other details )

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bbcAll you need to receive english tv  is a small satellite dish of 45 cm only (for the Paris area)  and a dedicated digital satellite receiver-decoder. The satellite signal can also be received without a dish but through small and discrete aireals which are not dishes. These are specially designed for listed buildings with restrictions or difficult neighbours. You may see them hereHidden dishes are our specialty.

If you go for the subscription channels we will take care for all details and subscribe you, If  you have an existing decoder we can open a new subscription account for you or if you have both decoder & card we can  install them in your new Paris home. Other services include: upgrade of your existing subscription to a   Sky Plus HD. Also IPTV UK box installation without dish at all!
As of February 2014 with the new Astra 2E satellite customers in the South of France , Spain and Portugal will need bigger dishes. The size may vary depending on your location. For the south of France, Nice, St. Tropez, Marseille, Perpignan, Lourdes, the recommeded minimum dish size is now 125 cm. we do have partners in Southern France and Nothern Spain who can assure the installation of the 125 cm dish. If somehow you can't install such a big dish you may then choose another neat solution which is UK IPTV box. It will give you all BBCs, ITV, CH4 and Five, and another 50 UK TV channels through your DSL home internet box. All french internet boxes are eligible, Orange, Freebox, SFRbox, Bouygues BBox, Alice etc. No Dish  at all! No subscription! The easiest way to get UK TV. No need of a comuter running. This is real TV with remote handset. This is not a laptop computer stream. You have a question? You need a demo? You are not sure if this will work with your internet conexion? ask details here.