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 60 cm dish
77 €

cable 20 metres
20m of cable and connectors

26 €
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Telelink - watch Sky TV in a second room without wires.
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The Telelink 2 unit sends high Quality Color Video and Stereo Audio from one room to another and controls the source with your existing remote WITHOUT WIRES. It is the ideal supplement to your DSS system to enable you  watch satellite TV in any room.

6 GHz wireless video
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sends and receives crisp color video and stereo audio.
Remote control extender allows your existing remote to control the video
or audio source from one room to another.

Directional antenna transmits up to 100 meters ( 300 feet ) clear-of-sight.
Penetrates walls, floors and ceilings.
6.4 GHz signal avoids interference from crowded 2.4 GHz band.
FM transmission penetrates obstacles better than AM
4 separate channels allow up to 4 transmitter/receiver pairs to operate simultaniously.

Why 6.4 GHz technology?

The Telelink unit uses the most advanced technology available today with its high frequency 6.4 GHz ( 6400 MHz) transmission. Other wireless video senders use the lower
2.4 GHz frequency.

 The Higher frequency has several advantages:
Higher quality frequency and stereo audio - as if carried by a cable.
Longer transmission range - up to 100 meters ( 300 feet ) and beyond.
Less interference - 2.4 GHz band is overcrowded with cordless phones, Bluetooth, WiFi,  and other wireless products.

A/V transmit  frequency : 6.4 GHz
Remote control frequency : 400 MHz
Dimentions : 14 x 4.5 x 9 cm ( 6 x 4.5 x1.8 inches ) each for transmitter/receiver.
FCC approved device under Part 15.
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DIY kits available. Come with detailed instructions in both english and french.